Campervan hire festivals – Reasons why you should!

Considered campervan hire festivals but can’t think why you should? Well we at DubKation Campers think its the best way to go to a UK festival if you’re not keen on camping, or you don’t fancy setting up a tent just a few cm’s from your neighbour. 

Our campervans are based on the VW Caddy and can sleep up to 4, so what better way to enjoy campervan hire festivals, but a word of caution, dates near the best UK festivals are booked up quickly. We suggest booking your campervan hire festivals quickly for the biggest ones. 

If you’re not convinced by campervan hire festivals,  then have a read of our reasons below to hire a campervan for a festival in the UK.

1. Forget carrying heavy equipment across fields!

Hire a campervan for a festival, follow signs to the campervan area and you’ll feel like a VIP. As your wheels are also your bed for the night, you’ll find yourself among the chosen few who can drive your kit on to site. A campervan ticket for a festival is a golden ticket allowing you to cruise past lines of tent-based festival goers. While they lug their stuff from car park, bus stop or train station to the camping field, you can sheepishly or smugly (depending on your demeanour), drive yours in. You don’t need to worry about how heavy your kit is or dropping an essential item en route to your pitch as all your gear is safely stowed in the van.

2. Luxurious festival living

A campervan offers a solid roof, a solid bed and solid tea and coffee-making facilities – pure luxury in terms of festival accommodation. It goes without saying that here at Cool Camping we love tent-based, classic camping in all its forms and in all weathers but when the weather is against you at a festival you really feel it. Whether it’s scorching hot or soaking wet and knee-deep in mud, Glastonbury Festival campervan hire will provide more respite than a tent. Choose motorhome hire for your festival accommodation and you’ll have even more space and even more luxurious surroundings – you might even have your own toilet so you can avoid queuing for the loos.

3. The quiet of the campervan field

Part of the reason music festivals are so enjoyable is the shared experience. Hundreds, thousands or, in the case of Glastonbury, hundreds of thousands of people all coming together to enjoy the music. When you’re watching performances there’s nothing better than seeing fellow festival-goers singing, swaying or moshing along with you; the more the merrier. But, come the morning, you might find there’s nothing worse than seeing that your new best mates have all got in the queue for the loo before you. This is another time that the campervan field comes into its own. With fewer people squeezed in, and more self-sufficiency, the campervan-area facilities tend to be under less strain. That means they are cleaner, quieter and less crowded.

4. A good night’s sleep

Even the hardest-partying festival-goers need to sleep sometimes and if you’re a light sleeper a tent at a festival isn’t always the quiet cocoon you need. The canvas walls don’t provide much sound-proofing so if your neighbours are staying up all night – you might be too. While campervans are by no means soundproof themselves, they are usually spaced a little further apart and the slightly more solid walls provide a little more protection from any neighbours who want to chat or party late into the night.

5. Your campervan is easier to find (or harder to lose) than a tent

Remember the time that you couldn’t find your tent at Glastonbury? We’ve all been there. You pitch up, head off to see your favourite band (or even just off to sleep) and when you next look your tent has been swallowed by a sea of canvas as hundreds of people have pitched around what you thought was a distinctive tent in an easily-recognisable spot. Hire a campervan for Glastonbury and you’ll have solved that very real, first-world problem. The campervan area at festivals tends to be a little better organised, a little more spacious – and your van should be a little easier to recognise. Just make sure that if it’s a campervan hired for the festival, you’ve familiarised yourself with the registration number before you head off to see the headliner.

6. Better security and peace of mind

There may be an extra charge for taking a campervan into a festival but, in the long run, it might cost you less. We don’t like to dwell on the possibility of theft at festivals as they are overwhelmingly peaceful events but, of course, it’s worth looking after your belongings. Most areas of a festival will be patrolled by security and the job is a little easier in the campervan field where there’s more space. A campervan or motorhome is also, crucially, lockable, while a tent is not. If nothing else, that can give you peace of mind while you enjoy yourself.

So, what you waiting for, Check out our Caddy campervan and book here, or if you have any questions, check out our FAQS

Your Festival DubKation awaits.

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