Hello all,

Thanks for clicking on this news story. You might be aware that we used to be called DinkyDubs. Well not anymore, we are now known as DubKation Campers, and here’s why!

At the start of February, a surprise email hit our inbox “IMPORTANT – Trade mark infringement”.  Half expecting it to be yet another spam message, we opened the email!

Bang!! (chin hits the desk!), what was this? who is doing this? why?…… so many questions, so many feelings.

The letter attached was from an IP specialist lawyer, on behalf of another small campervan hire business based over 200 miles away from our base in Peterborough. The letter stated that we had infringed their TM and that we must straight away, rebrand, pay compensation, damages, plus all legal fees!!!

WHATTTTTTTTT, YOU’RE HAVING A LAUGH, IS IT THE 1ST of APRIL? After a lot of expletives and reading, researching and more swearing, we decided, no, this is not right. How can you possibly trademark an adjective? Our name is DINKYDUBS, all 1 word, there is absolutely no way they can do this. Plus we did the normal due diligence when setting the company up, checking companies house, check trademarks, check google. Nothing.

It turns out in September 2020 they saw a Facebook post from us and thought the names were too similar and customers would be confused. That day, they applied for a TM and then a few more and BANG! 2 years later, it was the first we knew that they had a problem with our name, 2 years of building our brand, 2 years of expanding the business, 2 years of gaining followers, 2 years of buying branded products.

Anyway, we wrote a reply, “we reject this and will not be changing names, thanks!!”

After some tug of war, we decided to take some free legal advice. In turns out that this whole area of legality is not so black & white, but more grey, so it might be worth the fight! However, they had the TM, so they were in pole position. So what do we do? The first letter from a solicitor would set us back £750, with no guarantee of winning, and that’s just the start. Do we fight, spending a shed load of money in a legal battle or do we think f*ck it, lets move on.

Well…. as you can tell, we did the latter. We did however agree not to pay any compensation or legal fees.

Sometimes in life, you take a beating, learn a lesson and reflect on your naivety. When we set up this company in 2020, we worried about money, customers, covid etc, not whether we would be shafted by a fellow small independent business from the other side of the country. But we learn and move on, we’re not bitter, we’re better.

So here’s to DubKation Campers, a name borne from our already in use #, but with a K, to reflect the past and the huge amount of money already spent on the number plates! haha

Your support means a lot to us.


Jake and Luke.




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